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MyWritingProfessor initially envisioned providing writing support to those in college or professional school. We soon discovered the vast array of writing needs people had, from professional cover letters to website content or biographies. Look below to find out how we can best support YOU!

Academic Services


Website and Social Media Support


Non-Profit Support Services


Translation Services

Looking For a Job?

Professional Services

Cover Letter & Resume Development, Curriculum Vitae Development, Powerpoint Consultation

So What About That Essay?

Academic Services

Tutorial Services (STEM & ELA), Research Papers, Academic Writing, Syllibi, Lesson Plans, College Admissions Support/Personal Statements, Bibliographies, Formatting, Outlining and Strategy

Amplify Your Brand !

Website and Social Media Support

Website Development and Content, Branding Support, Social media profiles, Biographies, Artist Marketing Tools (Press Releases, Flyers)


Creative Writing & Manuscripts​

Copyediting, Cover concept design, Poetry & Spoken Word, Playwriting and Screenwriting, Speechwriting

We Help You Help Others!

Non-Profit Support Services

Grant Writing, Project Consultation, Strategic Planning

Lost In Translation?

Translation Services

French to English, English to French, Spanish to English, English to Spanish