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Professor West was my dual-credit 1302 English professor. He offered tremendous help in helping me choose a topic for an informative paper over NCAA athletics and education. With his help, I got an A on the paper. He took the time to show that he cared about each of his students on an individual basis. I am now pursuing a major in journalism and I have my own sports talk show.
Nick Lott
Houston, TX
Professor Tim'm has been an invaluable pair of eyes and has tackled my first manuscript with care. He's ability to edit goes beyond grammar; he understands the pathos, ethos, and logos it takes to engage an audience.
Stefano Patton
Atlanta, GA
Professor Alice has continued to be an associate member of my research group and we have communicated regularly over the years. In addition to her fine mind, she writes beautifully in several languages, whether it be professional or creative writing (her novels are riveting). I highly recommend her.
Judith E.
Women Studies Professor

Founder / Editorial Director of UrbanCusp.com

Rahiel Tesfamariam

As a lifelong writer, my growth in creativity and commitment to substance has been heavily shaped by my educators, which Tim’m West was one during my years at Stanford University. I was deeply inspired by his passion for us, as students, and know that he was instrumental in helping me find the courage to trust my own voice. Years later, when he invited me to speak to a high school scholars’ program he was teaching, I was thoroughly impressed by the blogs produced by his class and the ways in which social justice was woven into the students’ content. I strongly believe that Tim’m is an ideal teacher because Tim’m is an ideal writer.

I highly recommend Professor Alice as an editor/writer. She helped me tremendously when I was writing my essay for graduate school applications. She revealed and used the unique and interdisciplinary aspects of my work and educational backgrounds to help me write a competitive and creative essay. Her guidance and expertise were very instrumental in my grad school applications and in my acceptance into grad school.

Graduate Student at Bard College

Susan R

Actor/Performance Artist

Cornelius Jones Jr.

As an actor/performance artist who is also a writer and poet I was looking for an editor to help translate my stage work (performance poetry & monologues) to the page. Through many phone conversations and Skype meetings Professor Tim’m’s guidance became more of a mentorship and partnership. On the page I found more nuance and flavor in my poetic style through his advice. To add, I am a fine self-editor now. Something about Tim’m’s editing eye and voice is still present when I write and edit my work. And while I have a better eye for self-editing, I will hire Tim’m again for my next project without hesitation. He is diligent, compassionate, knowledgeable, and generous with his time.

“Tim’m with My Writing Professor was awesome. I was able to get my personal statement for ten law schools done in a short amount of time. He took the time to add input and explain exactly why he made those edits. He helped me to articulate myself in a personal yet still very professional manner. I will definitely trust him in the future as I apply for my doctorate’s degree.”

Graduate Student at Bard College

Susan R



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